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I'm sorry, I know that this is last minute, but... Please come to the choir performance! Not only is it my final choir concert, but the fine arts department needs a good turnout if they want to continue operating as they do for next year!

This year's theme is Disney, and the music is cool :D The Mariachi band actually sounds good now too!

It's $8 at the door, and it starts at 7!

If you can make it there, WOOHOO!

But if you can't, then I understand :)

Connecting Melodies Ch.2

Here ya go Lizette!


“Mmmmghhh” Moaned Aria as she rolled over on her bed, covering her ears with her pillow.
The cell phone had been ringing on and off all morning, constantly disturbing her sleep.
“Ssssstoooppp caaaallllllllllllllling meeeeeeee…” Groaned Aria as she stuck out her hand, searching for her cell on her mini dresser. Once her hands had finally grasped the phone, she lazily lied down on her back and slid her phone open. Aria had one hand over her eyes, trying to block out the light that was coming from her window, while her other hand was holding the phone to her ear, “Heelllooo…?….”
“Aria! Where are you!?”
Aria quickly sat up at the sound of the voice from the other line, ‘Kanna!’
“Aria, you were supposed to be here an hour ago! I’ve been waiting at the mall this whole time!”
“Kanna, I’m soooo sorry! I completely forgot-”
“Let me guess.” playfully Interrupted Kanna, “You fell asleep reeeeaaaallly late playing video games again, didn’t you?”
Aria flinched at how well her friend knew her, “Wh-what are you talking about? I didn’t do that…”
“Okay, okay. I did stay up late, but not playing video games. Look, I’m so sorry Kanna, I’ll be there in about thirty minutes, okay?”
“Okay. But try to hurry too, alright? At this rate, I won’t be able to hold your place in li-”
Aria waited for a while for Kanna to finish her sentence, “…Kanna? You there?”
“Ummm-umm…Yea, Yea, I’m here. Hahahaha, sorry, bad connections, hahahaha!”
“Oh, hey, ummm, I gotta go… Ummm, I have to, umm…. Bye!” Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
“…Kanna?” Aria asked to herself as she heard the line disconnect.
‘She’s been acting pretty suspicious lately… Kinda like that time after the concert… Wait… At that time, she acted weird too when I mentioned…Oh well. Que sera sera, what will be, will be. I doubt anything big can happen anyhow.’ Thought Aria as she was finishing getting ready.
“Dad, I’m leaving!” Yelled Aria an vain, as she realized that her father was not home.
That’s right, he had to leave early this morning. thought Aria, Well, it wouldn’t matter if he were home or not, I doubt I’d get a reply…
She put on her sandals as she walked out the front door.
Connecting Melodies Ch.2Collapse )

Senior Year Sucks (Choir wise)

Yea. I have a new complaint. lol.

But. Seriously. Choir sucks this year TT_TT

First off, Mr. O is no longer the laid back teacher anymore, as he is fed up with students.

There is assigned seating. No more crossing out yourown, or your friend's name.

Now, I know that these aren't too bad, but....

The part that got me depressed is the fee TT^TT

Everyone remembers it being $80, right?

Well, guess how much it is now?

$200 dollars.


Man....And I wanted my senior award too TT^TT

Well, besides that, most of the teachers got a make-over. Like Ms. Barnes and Ms. Connel.

Ms. barnes now has extremely short and BLACK hair.

Ms. Connol's hair is still the same color, but now it is short and straight.

Oh, and for those of you who know Ms. Salazar, did any of you know she's pregnant again? ^-^ I believe it's a girl, this time around ^-^

lol, senior year barely started, but I'm already getting stressed out ^^;

So...I'm a senior now.

But I'm not happy.

You're no longer allowed to dress up your freshman.

...For the most part.

Apparently, you may only dress them in green and yellow. It can't be tacky, it has to be fashionable and stylish. And get this; While being fashionable and "in style", it HAS to be inexpensive. How does that work out? It's an oxymoron, and it's nearly impossible.
And also, you're not allowed to dress them in your class color, or as your mascot because they need to get into THEIR spirit.

So basically, according to faculty and staff, dressing up the freshman dies with our class, even though it's already basically dead.

I blame the over sensitive people >_> ( "The freshman don't feel welcome." "They don't want to participate." "They feel embarrassed." GET OVER IT. DX<)

The good news?
Hoodies are allowed, facepaint is back, and you no longer have to pay a cellphone fee if it's taken away, and if it IS taken away, you can get back after the class, or at the end of school.

Oh and Rodriguez(Sp?) left.



(Edit) Oh, and did I mention that using the word, "guys" (as in "Hey guys what's up?) is now forbidden? :|

Yea instead of saying "guys", we now have to say ladies *rolls eyes*


 Hey there fellow Bobs! ^-^

As you all probably know (Seeing my sister may have told you) I have finally passed the P.O.W! yay! ^-^ I was really amazed that Burgonia passed me...

...But you won't guess who I have for english next school year.

That's right.

The very same and evil Burgonia.

lol, I guess it's not that bad...She seems like a nice person, despite being a sadist ^^;

So yea.....

Well, anyhoo, I was bored, and I found a picture of Kristina, so I decided to have fun with it.

I did another one too, actually. But I don't want to risk getting killed in my sleep.

Well, bye bye for now! ^-^



Nothing will ever compete with her cuteness DX X3


Wow, it's been a while since I uploaded XD

...Yea. I'm bored. XD

Did anyone feel that shake yesterday? ^-^

Oh! And Lizette! ^-^ Expect ch.2 of Connecting Melodies soon ^-^

.....Yea. XD

Connecting Melodies Ch.1

Here is the chapter I promised Lizette, It's still in the making ^^; I will remake the ending too...Well, I hope you enjoy it~ ^-^

And I'm sorry about all of the errors, I tried fixing what I can, but LJ is being really annoying <_<#


“Echo! Echo! Echo!” The crowd was chanting, demanding more from their idols.

The audience roared as two figures same onto the stage.

The audience squealed excitedly as the figure with brown (abnormally) spiky hair walked towards the mic to set it up for his next and last performance of the night. He wore a punkish colorful style, his originality was emphasized by his piercing green eyes, along with his height standing at about 6’1.

A silver haired figure soon accompanied the green-eyed vocalist onto the stage with his guitar. His silver straight hair reached his shoulders along with emo cut bangs, and was complimented by his bright blue eyes. He looked a little older then his companion, his age reaching 21 at the most, and stood about 6‘4.

The one with Silver hair and blue eyes was finishing the final touches to setting up his guitar, as his green-eyed friend held onto the mic as he spoke into it, “Hello everyone!”

The crowd cheered and roared wildly in response.

“How is everyone!?” He paused for a bit to let the stentorian audience respond, then continued, “Did you all have fun tonight!?”

The crowd responded in nearly perfect harmony, “YEA!”

He smiled, and then said, “We had a lot of fun too. But, all good things must come to an end. If I could, I would make it so that I can sing encores for you all night, but, I can sing only one more for you. Let’s end it with a lot of energy and good memories!”

The crowd cheered, and the mosh pit tightened around the stage as it seemed to be causing an earthquake with all of the rambunctious fans flailing around.

The silver-haired guitarist began to play a song, and the fans went wild. If possible, The mosh pit seemed to tighten even more as everyone fought to touch the guitarist and vocalist, or to even stay in the mosh pit for that matter.

Step by step I met you and danced away the time. Unaffected by the fate that's dwelling within the stars, I can't stop falling in love

The crowd screamed out of fan girlish delight as the lead singer began singing, and nearly drowned over the lyrics that were being sung. The singer even had to cover his ears a bit so that he can hear the music he was singing along to, but one was able to tell that he was happy, and enjoying his fans having a great time.

The singer stuck out his hand to the audience, and nearly got pulled in at one point. He quickly recovered, still smiling, and continued singing.

Two girls stood at the middle of a concert floor, watching the concert from a safe distance rather then being in the perilous mosh pit.

My raging desire was illuminated by the fragmented morals born from the treacherous moon.
I embraced my destiny and shouted, "Wherefore art thou Juliet

“I LOVE YOU ECHO!” yelled one of the two girls. She had dirty blond hair that was in neat pigtail braids, along with brown eyes that weren’t at their fullest potential due to her glasses, and stood at about 5‘4.

Her friend next to her had amber eyes which resembled the color gold. Her golden eyes accented her light brown hair that was in an extremely loose ponytail. She had a petite figure and stood at 4’11.

The girl with glasses continued cheering as the singer threw a water bottle (that still had water in it, of course.) to the audience. The audience cheered as water spun out of it, wetting them all in the process. Once the water bottle fell to the floor, several rabid fan girls flew down to grab it. They ended up creating some kind of dog pile, and every single one of them missed the bottle. As one fan girl was about to reach for the bottle, she had her hand stepped on by someone who simply bent over to pick the bottle up.

The two girls watching from the distance also saw a girl being carried out. She was most likely dehydrated from being inside that hot and malodorous deathtrap also known as a mosh pit.

But the one with glasses didn’t mind, as she was happily enjoying her favorite band.

The singer seemed oblivious to the people fainting, and continued to sing, “It's okay if you ridicule me and call it a foolish love. Since I am willing to sacrifice everything right now and come to you. “

“Aria, isn’t this fun!?”

Aria replied sarcastically, “Oh yea, if you think fainting is fun and personal hygiene doesn’t matter.. Honestly… I don’t know why you even bothered to drag me here…”

Hey God... Why don't you tell me? What should I do to have my wishes fulfilled?
Ah, I'm crying under such an agonizing night sky. Oh…”

“What!?” Yelled her friend over the music.

Aria sighed, then yelled, “I said, I don’t know why you even bothered to drag me here!”

“WHAT!? You don’t like them!?”

“No. I mean, look how conceited they’re being.”

Aria pointed at the main vocalist of Echo, who got water, drank it, and then spat it all out at his fans who were screaming wildly over him.

A fan girl was seen biting someone in order to get into the mosh pit in order to get near the main singer. In one area, there was a fight going on because someone was “intruding” someone else’s space.

Then the guitarist stuck out his leg so that his fans can grab it do whatever those rabid and desperate fan girls do, which is probably pushing and shoving someone against the stage and suffocating them.

“Look how pathetic those girls are. And I hate how they just spit out the water, or throw a water bottle, and expect everyone to like it. I mean, it’s just disgusting, and I don‘t think people really want to get wet. And I would never be so… Bold to actually grab his leg. I mean, c’mon. You wouldn’t be that desperate either, right?”

Aria’s friend looked away in slight embarrassment.

Aria shook her head, “Wow…I’d never expect you to do that, Kanna…”

Yes, none would expect that from Aria’s best friend. When Aria first met Kanna, she was really withdrawn and shy. She never would’ve guessed that her best friend was into this kind of music.

Aria herself wasn’t necessarily into this kind of music, although, she did enjoy listening to a band called “Alice Nine.”

Aria looked back up at the lead singer. Even Aria had to give him credit, despite thinking that he has a pompous attitude, he also had a clear, addictive voice that had a lot of emotion in it. Anything he was feeling, you were able to feel as well.

Hey... does everyone embrace such thoughts in their sleep?
Ah... I wish that I could wake up right now and laugh it all off as a lie. Oh my sweet Juliet...
. I, who have forgotten you, who is asleep, and even your name which was struck down during this tragic rain, say good die"
The audience applauded and cheered loudly as the main vocalist finished the song, which was the second song of their encore.

The two performers took a bow, and threw objects into the audience, such as chupa chups lollipops, and guitar picks that had their band name, Echo, on it. The throng of the overly-excited and hyped up crowd were nearly smashing the stage in order to obtain these “godly” items. A guitar pick flew outside the rowdy crowd, and Kanna rushed over to get it. However, As Kanna bent down to reach for the guitar pick, She was pushed aside and fell onto the ground. As she fell, her purse that she had been carrying that night flew away from her.

“Hey, are you okay?” Asked a random stranger as she helped Kanna to her feet.

“Um, y-yes, I’m fine. Thank you for helping me.”

The stranger smiled as she went to go pick up kanna’s purse.

“Kanna, are you okay?” Asked Aria as she ran up to her friend.

Kanna smile at Aria, “I’m fine.”

“Here’s your purse.” Interrupted the stranger as she handed over Kanna’s purse.

“Ah! My purse! Thank you so much!” replied Kanna as she received her purse, “I‘d forgotten all about it!”

The stranger smiled, and quickly ran off.

The satisfied audience was now heading outside to stalk Echo as they left the building to go to their hotel.

“Okay, can we go now?” Asked Aria as they reached the outside of the building.

Kanna reluctantly agreed as Aria nearly had to forcibly drag her friend away from the exit that Echo would come out of.

“Honestly,” Started Aria, “I don’t see what’s so good about Echo… I don‘t think I ever want to go to their concert again…”

“B-but… Damon is the most amazing guitarist! And... And… Kane… His voice is so…” Kanna sighed out love for her crush.

Aria shook her head for her love struck friend and continued dragging her on.


“What is it?” asked Aria as she let go of her friend.

“You’re still coming with me to the mall on Saturday, right?”

“Yeah… Just let me sleep all day tomorrow and I’ll be set for Saturday…”

Kanna smiled at her friend, “I bet you’re really glad it’s summer vacation now, huh?”

“Heck yea! And for once, I don’t even have to worry about getting up for summer school!” Said Aria as she stretched in relief.

Kanna simply smiled at Aria’s response.

“Where’s your mom at? Isn’t she supposed to pick us up right now?”

“Oh, right…” Said Kanna as she took out her cell phone and called her mother.

“Hey mom… Yea, you were supposed to pick us up… What?…. No, dad said that you were…Yea…. We’re outside….But we can’t, they already closed the building…No, her mom’s on a business trip and her dad-Her dad’s not home either…Half an hour?…Okay…Yea, we will…Okay…Bye mom.”

Aria sighed, “Let me guess, she’s not here.”

Kanna smiled wearily as she hung up her phone, “Yes, she thought my dad was going to pick us up.”

“I see.” Responded Aria.

There was an awkward kind of silence for a while until Aria broke it.


Kanna looked at her friend who was speaking.

“Why did you tell her my dad wasn’t home?” Aria’s face was sullen as she said this, slightly looking away from Kanna.

“…She would have asked your dad to pick us up. You don’t want that, right?”

Aria looked solemnly at the ground for a while before responding, “…Yeah…”

All of a sudden, they heard wild screams of fangirls from somewhere behind them.

Echo was coming out of the side of the building.

Aria sighed as she saw her friend’s longing face to join those rabid fan girls and finally gave in, “…Fine. Let’s go.”

“EEEEEEEEK! THANK YOU!” Exclaimed Kanna as she ran to where Echo was at.

Damon came out first, and smirked at the fans. He waited a few seconds until Kane also came out.

As soon as Kane came out, all of the fans screamed…Well, squealed even louder.







The two main members of Echo bathed in their fans’ love, and Kane quickly got the chupa chups as he carefully avoided the obsessed fan who wished to marry him. The obsessive fan quickly reached for Kane as he came into reach, but Damon pulled him away just in time.

Damon spoke like nothing had just happened, “I’m sorry ladies, but we have to go to our hotel now. Go to our concert on Saturday, we’ll see you then!” Said Damon as he and Kane climbed into the their car, Kane with a Chupa Chups in his mouth.

Aria rolled her eyes as her friend sighed out of love.

“Wait,” Started Aria, “Didn’t they just say that they have a concert on Saturday?… Don’t you want to go to that Kanna?”

Kanna flinched at Aria’s words, “Wh-what? N-no, of course not! Hahahahaha, why would you even think that? Silly Aria, Hahahaha…”

“…Kanna…Are you hiding something from me?”

“Wh-what? No, o-of course not! Why would I be hiding something from you? Hahahahahaha!”

Aria gave her friend a doubting look, “…Uh-huh….”

“Hahahahahahaha! Oh, why look at that! It’s a gas station! Let’s get something to eat while my mom comes, okay Aria?” Said Kanna as she grabbed Aria’s hand and dragged her to the convenience store at the gas station.

'Whatever… I’ll just let it go I guess…' Thought Aria as she was choosing between her favorites, Barbecue lays and Cheese Ritz crackers.

“Oooooh! Aria, look, look!” Cried Kanna excitedly, waving Aria over.

Aria walked over to Kanna, “What is it?”

“They sell Chupa Chups here!”


“Mh-hm! And look, they have Kane’s favorite flavor! Chocovanilla! Isn’t this so cool!?”

Aria looked at her friend oddly, “Ummm… Sure?”

Kanna pouted, “Hmph! That’s just because you’ve never tried one! Here, choose a flavor, and I’ll buy it for you. Then you‘ll understand the wonderful goodness of the almighty Chupa Chups!”

Aria could’ve sworn she saw hearts in Kanna’s eyes as she said her last sentence.

To make her friend happy, she decided that she would obey her friend’s demand, “Ummm, sure… Uhhhmmm… I’ll take Strawberry Cream.”

“Okey-dokey then!” replied Kanna happily as she got the chupa chups and took them to the counter with some other items, “I’d like to buy these please.”

The cashier simply nodded as he scanned the items, “That’ll be… twelve fifty-seven in total.”

“Okay.” Said Kanna as she took out her purse to get her wallet out, “Here you- What!?”

Aria looked at her friend with concern, “What’s wrong?”

“M-my wallet! It’s gone!”

“What? Are you sure you just didn’t forget it?”

“No! I had it in here… I‘m sure I did!” said Kanna frantically as she stormed through her purse.

“Oh no…” Said Aria, “Do you think someone may have pick pocketed you?”

Kanna suddenly raised her head in realization, “At the end of the concert! When I tried to get the guitar pick, but I got pushed down and dropped my purse, remember? And then that girl helped me up, and picked up my purse too! She must have taken my wallet!”

Aria sympathetically looked at her friend, who was just about ready to cry over the loss of her wallet and all of the contents inside it as she put her hand on Kanna’s shoulder.

As Kanna covered her face and began crying, a sigh was heard over the counter.

“Look, My shift is almost over. Can you please just get out if you can’t pay?” Interrupted The cashier coldly.

Kanna attempted to stop crying and uncovered her face, “I-I’m sorry. We’ll leave right away-”

“Wait Kanna.” Said Aria as she stepped towards the cashier.

Kanna looked at her friend.

Aria glared at the cashier, “You see a girl crying and tell her to just get out? I understand that you want to go home, but couldn’t you at least just be more considerate?”

She took out her own wallet, “Here’s thirteen. Keep the change.”

Aria picked up the bag of their yummy goods and grabbed Kanna on her way out.

“I-I’m sorry for causing you trouble Aria…You even had to pay for everything…”

After they left the convenience store, Aria took a moment to look at her friend, and then kindly smiled, “It’s okay. After all, I wanted to try that one lollipop you’re so in love with.”

Kanna smiled in response to her friend’s attempt to cheer her up.

Aria proceeded to undo the candy wrapper on the lollipop and stuck it into her mouth.

Aria’s eyes widened at the taste as a childish look appeared on her face.

Kanna looked at her friend with a perplexed look, as Aria took out the Chupa Chups and was looking upwards, as if she were determining the taste of the Chupa Chups.

“…Aria?…” Kanna said as she stuck her head in front of Aria.


Kanna cocked her head to the side as her friend spoke.

Aria stared fixedly at her Chup Chups as she said in amazement, “This…This is really good…”

Kanna smiled at her friend in satisfaction as she too stuck a Chupa Chups in her mouth.

After a while of silence, Aria softly spoke while looking at the moonlit sky, “…Kanna.”

“Yes Aria?”


Kanna looked at her friend with a perplexed look, “Huh? For what?”

“For tonight. It was fun.”

Kanna smiled as she too looked at the night sky, “You’re welcome.”


TRIIIIIIIXXXXIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 83   X3



I'm bored, so... I'm going to post pictures. Whee. Fun.

Me and my friends @ Disney ^-^
Me and my friends @ Disney land ^-^

Krissy asleep w. my cousin ^-^ *gets killed by Kristina*

Yummy food ^-^
I went to a thing with my cousin, aunt (both from Idaho) and my mom. They had the BEST food there ^-^

Yummy Scones~

Disney X-Mas Castle
The Disney Castle during Christmas, isn't it pertty? ^-^

R.I.P Kelly's duck, who never returned to her D:

And that's it for now ^-^ Bye bye! ^-^